Sindh Sabha (1882-1884), Sindh Hindu Sabha (1884-1947), Sindh Muhammadan

Association (1882-1935), All India Congress Committee (1885-1947), Bomby Provincial Conference (1896), British Empire League (1906), Sindh Provincial Conferences (1908-1920), Home Rule League (1916), Sindh Muslim League (1916), Satyagarah Sabha (1919), Siwadeshi Sabha (1919), Jamiat-UIUlema (1920), Khilafat Committee (1920), Aman Sabha (1920), Anti-Non Co-operation Society (1921), The National Service League (1921),

Siwraj Sabha (1921), Sindh Siwraj Society (1921), Sindh Zamindars' Association (1921), Sindh League of Progress (1922), Lower Sindh Jagirdars' Association (1923), Upper Sindh Zamindars' Association (1923), National Convention Club (1924), SindhZamindars' Sabha (1927), Hari Party(1930),

Anti Separtation Committee (1932), Sindh Azad Conference (1932), Sindh People's Party (1933), Sindh Azad Party (1933), Indian National League (1935), Sindh Progressive Party (1935), Sindh Political Club (1936), Sindh People’s Congress Committee (1939), Civil Liberties Union (1936), Siwraj Party (1936), Sindh United_ Party (1936), SindhMuslim Political Party (1936), Sindh Labour Party (1936), Sindh Socialist Party (1936), Unionist Party (1936), Khaksar Tehreek (1937), All India Muslim League (1938),

Sindh Sagar Party (1939), Muslim Nationalists Party (1946), Sindh Balouchistan Communist Party (1947).


(a) LIFE, ACHIEVEMENT, AND TIMES: (Every Political Leader, Man of Letters, Religious Scholar, Social Worker, Folk Lore Poet, Journalist and Educationist born in Sindh).

(b) BURNING ISSUES OF SINDH: Sorrows of Cities, Operation by police and law enforcing Agencies, Kala Bagh Dam and Water problem, Bihari Proble, Qouta System, Language Problem, Un-employment, Labour Problem, Census and Population Problem, Destruction of old Sindhi Settlements, Division of Sindh, Tribal Clashes, Karo Kari & Kidnappings etc.

(c) OTHER ASPECTS / FIELDS: History, Culture, Literature, Education, Journalism, Social work (N.G.Os and their Activities).

(d) PHOTOGRAPHS: Personalities as and buildings of historical value etc.

(e) POLITICAL LITERATURE: Jeay Sindh (First Phase), Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Sindh Hari Committee, Jeay Sindh Tehreek, Tarki Passand Party, P.M.L, (Junejo) P.M.L.(F), Sindh National Front, Awami Tahreek, Sindh Sagar Party & Sindh Democratic Party, (Their Leaders, Various Wings and Activities).

(f) MISC: TOPICS: Syeds, Minorties & Labour Unions


Activities of Parties, their wings and leaders such as P.P.P, P.P.P(SB), P.M.L. (N), J.U.I, lu.P., Jamiat-iIslami, M.Q.M., AN.P., lW.P., Tahreek Insaf, Baloch Ithad, RN.O., B.N.M. Awami Qiyadat Party., Tahreek Istqlal., Milat Party, P.D.,P. Siraki Movement. etc.

(b)VARIOUS MOVEMENTS: M.R.D., Long March by P.P.P., Train March by P.M.L.(N), AP.C., C.O.P, N.D.A, and S.D.Aetc.

(c) MISC: TOPICS: Army, U.S.A, LM.F, World Bank, Women, Child, Punjab, Religion, Judiciary, Accountability, H?man Rights, 8th Amendment, Elections, Care Taker Governments, Presidents of Pakistan, & Experiment in local Self government right form B.D. System of M.Ayoob to the District Government System.

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