[Moulana Din Muhammad Wafai was one of first rank Freedom Fighter of Sindh. He was Religious Scholar, Poet, Journalist, Research Scholar and active leader of Sindh Khilafat Committee ans Sindh Jamiat –ul- Ulema. He wrote so many editorials on burning issues of Sindh. In 1948, when he was editor of “Toheed”, he dwelt with“Karachi Issue” and wrote more than two editorial on the subject. The editorial published in his Toheed’s issue of January-February 1948 is translated, reproduced and share with Sindhi Youth & Leaders. It is eye – opener one.Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan]

“We have been opposing the idea of the partition of united India since long, but have been suggesting atonomious status for provinces and equal representation of Muslims in united India. We were not listened, even were blamed as agents of Hindus and we were abused. Now Pakistan stand created  as desired and required by our Upper class .

Karachi has been made the capital of the new country and Sindh is under invasion of Indian deserters. Beautiful city , modern buildings, wonderful sea beach have attracted these Panahgeers and Punjabis and they have started planting in their minds and hearts, how to usurp  Karachi without fail, and throw Sindhis out of it.

The Pakistan Government, after making Karachi as the permanent capital will snatch it from Sindh and our Upper class has to witness this day, but can do anything to save Karachi. Some people doubt it and are saying that it is not agenda of the Government. I am sure and will invite their attention to the decision – making strategy of the Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Once he takes decision, it will not be taken back. It is proper time that Sindh should declare it independence. Otherwise it is and will be more difficult to cry and work for our rights as the Muslim League leadership will neither allow it, nor like it. No body will take risk to oppose the decision taken by Qaid –i- Azam,who is being treated by so many people as the solo head, king of kings.

Punjab never allowed Muslim League and its leadership to influence them and to interfere in their political freedom. Quaid –i- Azam avoided to visit Punjab during Governments of Sir Sikandar Hayat and Khizir Hayat Khan. The resignation of Khizir Hayatwas followed by violence in Punjab and that paved way for Muslim League to install its Government in Punjab. Why Sindh and Sindhis are not taking lesson from others?. Still we have many cards in our hands. We must opt for formation of a political party of Sindhis, by Sindhis and for Sindhis so as to face andchallege conspiracies being hatched against us by other parties.

Now it is tough timefor our Upper class. This class worked for creation of Pakistan and now let us see , either they are going to save Karachi, or will surrender to save their skin?



Good Wishes