The research assignment for Ph.D degree provided me an opportunity to study past, present and future of Karachi. The study helped me to form my opinion about the future of Karachi. Soon after completing my research task, I started sharing with Sindhis, my fears and doubts about the future of Karachi, with special reference to their interests in Future Karachi. In my articles and Newspaper Columns, published in 1981 and onward, I warned Sindhis that apart from its geographical location, being Hot Waters of Sindh, and because of so many other reasons, it must be believed that Supper Powers will not underestimate and ignore the importance of the City and they will at any cost try to ensure their future interests in the region through Karachi.

It is amazing fact of the History of Sindh that invaders coming from North left Sindh unaffected, but who so ever came from South, badly affected every thing including Culture, Politics and even Religion of Sindh.After Arabs and Britishers, massive migration of Panhgeers of India took place sporadically and that was third time in the history that Sindh was to be affected badly. Some of people are of opinion that Liaquat Ali Khan intended to ensure his constituency, therefore he encouraged so many Mohajirs to opt for Karachi. Either it is right or wrong, we are not here to find the truth behind this stand let here put on record that, Lahore also remained under consideration for making the capital of newly created country also, but the decision was taken for Karachi.

One can identify ethnic,sectarian and terroristic factors behind conflicts but, the role of MQM, what so ever it is,can not be ignored at all.It seems to be amazing fact that they were found in streets in months of June and July in most of years!. It also helped Karachi to make its habit/ fortune of taking blood bath in month of June and July.Here are some event:

7th of July 1972

Sindhi is made the official language of Sindh.Sindh Assembly passes the bill.Pro-Urdu demonstrations held, curfew in some Karachi areas.

9th of July 1972

Two persons are killed in Karachi in agitaion. Army called out. curfew in Hyderabad.

3rd of July 1993

The law-enforcing agencis round up 175 activists of MQM after protesters set ablaze 15 vehicles in various parts of Karachi.

14th of July 1993

Law-enforcing agencies arrest 150 MQM workers after they set on fire 11 vehicles, a KESC building and a post office.

3rd of June 1995

Eight people are killed and 25 vehicles are set ablaze in various parts of Karachi.

4th of June 1995

Twenty people are killed and ower two dozen vehicles set ablaze in continuing violence in Karachi.

15th of June 1993

Ten people are shot dead in a crowded government office in Liaquatabad, Karachi.

23rd of June 1995

Twenty four people are Killed and several wounded.

24th of June 1993

Twenty people are killed and many others wounded.

25th of June 1995

At least 32 people die and many others wounded.

26th of JUNE 1995

fourteen more people are killed in Karachi.

28th of June 1995

Eleven people are killed in Karachi.

1st of July 1995

Ninteen people are killed and more than 25 are wounded in clshes and pitched gun-battles between armed youths and members of the law-enforcement agencies in Karachi.

2nd of July 1995

Eight people are killed as paramilitary troops fight pitched battles with MQM militants.

5th of July 1995

10 more people fall victim to violence in Karachi.

19th of July 1995

Twenty six people fall victim to terrorism and gun-batle between MQM workers and law-enforcers in Karachi.

29th of July 1995

Thirteen people are killed in Karachi.



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