In the meeting held in Jaising Lodge, Karachi on 03rd of May, 1936 Sindh Political Club was formed with Dingomal Thadani as its Hon. Joint Secretary.

Aims & Objectives:

1. To provide a common place for meeting for persons belonging to different shades of political thought, having Nationalist outlook.

2. To discuss on political & other matters.

3. To have library & Reading room.

4. To provide Social & Physical amenities for its members.

5. To take commonly agreed measures for political & economic advancement of the province.

Active members:

Mr. Durgdas B.Advani, Sir Ghulam Hussain Haydatullah, Mr. G.M Syed, Mr. Muhammad Hashim Gazdar, Dr. Popatlal, Mr. Santdas Manghram, Dr. C.H. Primalani, Dr.Choithram, Mr.R.K.Sidhwam, Mr. Khanchand Gopaldas, Dr. Parmanand Ahuja, Mr. Hatim Alvi, Mr, Hardayal, Mr. Yousif Haroon & Mr.Dingo mal Thadani.



Good Wishes