Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan




You won’t find the role played by Sindh in the history books, because, those who have written the history have deliberately concealed it. Whereas, those were also days, when this part of world was known as “Sindh” and “Hind”. Sindh is called as “Bab-ul-Islam” and first ever translation of Quran Sharif was done into Sindhi. Today, Sindhis are blamed as illiterate in Islam! Sindh played vital role in Pakistan Movement. Shimla Deputation of Muslims of India (1905) was headed by His Highness Agha Khan, who was born in Karachi. He became the Founder President of the first ever Political Party of the Indian Muslims-known as the All-India Muslim League. First and the last Annual session of that party, before Pakistan was held at Karachi. In such a way, the last President of the Muslim League before Pakistan was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was born in Jhirk. He earned name and fame as “Quaid-i-Azam” and Pakistan was created under his dynamic leadership. He was Sindhi by birth. It was the Sindh Legislative Assembly that passed Resolution in support of Pakistan in 1943. But, today, Sindhis are blamed as anti-Pakistan segment of the society. Much before the launching of “Quit India Movement” by Congress, the “Non-Co-Operation Resolution” was passed in the public meeting at Khalikdina Hall of Karachi. Sindhis launched the “Migration Movement” in a wonderful way. Today, most of people are eve not ready to recognize the role of Sindh in Freedom Movement.

Sindh has its unique history of preaching and following the message of tolerance and religious co-existence. Sindh has set trends in unity and equality of all the religions and people. Her hospitality is known since ages. The latest example being the acceptance of Indian Muslim Migrants soon after the establishment of Pakistan.

Akbar-the Great Emperor- was Sindhi by birth. He is known as founder of the “Secular Philosophy” in politics of India. Those, who know history, are aware of the fact that Abu’l   Fazl was influential in Akbar’s religious views. Abu’l Fazl was descendant of Shaikh Musa who lived in Reel, near Sehwan, Sindh.


Golden Temple is termed as the most important religious place in Sikhism. Thousands of pages are available on the history of construction of that Temple.  The Foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid by a Sindhi, known as Mian Mir. He was born at Sehwan, Sindh on August, 11.1550. At the age of 25 he migrated to Punjab and resided in the town of Begampura. Mian Mir was the Instructor of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s eldest son Dara Shikoh. He was very near and dear to Fifth Padshah of Sikhs, known as Guru Arjun Dev Ji. He invited Mian Mir to lay the foundation stone of the Golden Temple and his great event of history took place on 13th of January 1588.

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