(During British Rule , that is from 1843 to1947, Sindhi Hindus played vital role in the development and progress of the Society. Cosequetupon the DIVIDE AND RULE policy of British Government, a few but very seriousdifferences also occured between Hidus and Muslims of Sindh in the fields of politics and religion.However, the role played by Hindus for Noble Cause cannot be under estimetd and ignored.This segment of our Society gave SindhColleges,Hospitals and Gardens.After the partition of India, majority of Hindusleft their Homeland, either by misguidance, or by fear of dark and unproctedfuture.By disownig their Motherland, they deprived themselves of the History and Historicalrecords. 
Keepingin view the role played by Hindus and making the History of Sindh to someextent COMPLETE STORY, Gul HayatInstitute realised its Historical Research obligations to include the role ofHindus in our Research Project. You will find a lot ofmaterial/data/information on the subject/topic on this website ( Such as Political parties,History of Freedom Movement ,their Social and Culturalorganisations etc. 
Inthis initiate, we have applied SAMPLE METHOD to narrate the story. Though, alot of material/information/data is available on the subject/topic,but it isimpossible for a single man to complete the task single handed. Gul HayatInstitute and its contribution is my SOLO FLIGHT. Tomorrow, it will be amazingand unbelieving for our young generations to accept that only one man can dosuch a wonderfull job. I am happy that aspects of History covered by me arepart of our Untoled History. I am trying to pave way for further research.(Dr.Dur Muhammad Pathan)

Bulchandkundanmal Advani is born in Hyderabad. After doing LLB in 1881 statartedpractice, remained Councillsor HyderabadMuncipality for twenty years. He wasMember of Managing Committee of “Khuda Abad Amil Panchyat”. He breathed hislast in 1933
JagatraiIssardas Shivdasani takes birth at Hyderabad.Later on he became Educationalist & writer. After 1947 left Sindh forKotah, Rajistan.
Though dateand month not confirmed but, it is sure that in 1882, first ever organization :Sindh Sabha: takes birth. The association consisting of Hindus & Muslimsworked for social up lift and also influenced the society for working forbetter change. Sindh Sabha took part indirectly in Muncipal elections also.

Consequentupon developing differences with Hindu members in the meeting of “Sindh Sabha”,Mr Hassan Ali Affandi formed “Sindh Muhammadan Association”. It proved to bevery active organization till separation of Sindh from Bombay presidency.
All IndiaCongress Committee takes birth.
LalsingHazarising Ajwani takes birth in khairpur. Later on he beame Writer & 1919 became professor in Ahmedabad and after some time in D.J.S.Collegekarachi .in 1947 left for Bombay.
Hashmatrailekhraj Chablani takes birth at Hyderabad. Later on knows as H.L.chablani,welknown Educationist and Leading Sindh Anti Seprationist and Freedom Fighter. He breathed his last in 1933
Shri SwamiHansaswaroopji Mahraj, the well-known Hindi orator and preacher delivers hisfirst lectrue in Hindhi on HINDU RELIGION at the “Santan Dharama Sabha”,situated on lidbitter Road, Garden Quarters Karachi.
“Brahma SamajMandir” Karachi, celebrates Sadhu Hirannand Memorial Day at Khalikdina Hall.Seth Harchandrai presides over the function. Prof.S.C.Shahani and prof.T.Lwaswani amongst speakers.
Karpur SrinvasRao deliver his lecture on the topic of “Vedanta”. The programme was organisedby Brahma Mandir, Karachi.
P.Vaswanidelivers his lecure oin the topic of “Discourses on the Religion ofrenunciation” in the programme arranged by “Brahma Mandir Karachi.”
Prof.T.L.Vaswanispeaks on the topic of “Gita” in the lecture programme arranged by BrahmaMandir, Karachi.


Prof.T.L.Vaswanidelivers his lecture on the topic of “The prefect sage” in the lectureprogramme arranged by Brahma Mandir, karachi.
Prof.T.LVaswanileaves for Barlin, to participate in “Wolrd congress of the Free Christainity& Relogious progress”
KalyanBhulchand Advani takes birth at Hyderabad.Later on he earned name & fame as a teacher, writer and critic. After 1947he migrated to India.
Publicmeeting presided over by Seth Harchandrai records the perfound gratification universally awakened by therecent Royal visit to India.Dr Dhalla, Mr. Nicholas, H.P.Farrell, E. Raymond, Bernard Temple. T.L. Vaswani,Lokomal Chelaram, Gidomal Lekhraj and other amongst participants. 
“The AryaYoung Men’s Association”, Karachiarranged religious debate on the topic of “The evils of flesh eating”.
The religious debate on “Cremation, or burial of thedead” which had been going on in the “Arya young men’s Association” betweensome Mohammadan & Chrsitian gentlemen for some weeks come to a close.
Ram Sewaklal opens the discussion on the subject “TheEternity of the Soul and of Matter” arranged and organized by “Arya young Men’sAssociation, Karachi.”
Mr. youngHasband, Commissioner Sindh, innagurates “Tahilam Khemchand Dharamshala” inKarachi.Tahiram Khemchand entered Municipality in 1887, and became its president in 1896. He breathedhis last at the age of 42. Dharamshala named after him was some sort of homage to be paid to the late for his servicesrendered by him for the Society. Dharamshala sitatued at Harris Road costed 35thousand Rupees and building was desigen by Mea Sham lee.
Mr Tarachanddelivers his lecture on the topic of “The Messege of Dayanand”, the lectureprogram arranged by “The Arya Young men’s Association”, Karachi.
Harumal IssardasSadarangani takes birth at Shahdadpur. Later on became scholar, poet &writer. In 1947 he left for Delhi. 
TheAll-India Theistic Conference starts at Karachi, Dr.J.T.Sunderland presides.Welcome address by Dewan Tarachand. T.L.Vaswani’s innagural speech veryimpressive. Dr.N.R.Sarkar, K.K.Mitter, V.R.Shindle (General Secretary of theconference), Lalit Mohan Das, Sir Narayan Chandavar kar, Raman Bhai Manipatram,Dr.B.S.Ghosh & Lala Kirshan amongstparticipant. The conference to continue for more three days.
Karachi hosts 28thhAnnual Session of All-India Congress Committee. Details available on Gul Hayatwebsite.(
BrahmoMandir observes Death Anniversary of keshub Chandra Seen.
“BandhuMandal, Karachi, celebrates its 4th Anniversary under chairmanshipof Seth Jasraj Valji. Mohanji M.Varma, Dr.K.B.Patel & Ramji Manji Vaderaamongst speakers”
The “Karachi citizensAssociation” in its Annual General meeting elects Office-bearers as under:
Harchandri Vishindas(President), G.G .Chagla and Jamshed N.R.Mehta(V.Ps), Durgdas B.Advani & Assanmal B.Advani Secretaries.
ManagingCommittee: Lokomal Chelaram, Motilal, Framroz E.Panthakey, Chapsi, Wadhoomal Udhram,Abdul Rahman, Deepchand Chandumal & Tikamdas
Shriamn MahatmaMunshiramji, Governor of the Guru Kula Kangri, Hardwar delivers his lecture onthe topic of “Our Education l needs” at
Khalikdina Hallon the invitation of Karachi Arya Smaj. Yesterday topic of his lecture was“What is the Arya Smaj”
“Shri BirahKhashtri Shayat Mandli” takes birth in Karachi.Seth Naraindas Vairam Chatpar, Dr. Narsidas Pitambardas Sodha, JamnadasVilabhdas Sadani, Rochiram Gangaram Sadani, Manikal Maghomal Jethmilani andPahlajrai Haromul are the founder members.
Gobind SinghMansukhani takes birth at Hyderabad.He left for Delhiafter 1947. Did M.A, L.L.B & Ph.D and earned name & fame as educationist& writer.
BhaghatNarumal of Manjhad gives a discourse on “Shewa” at “Prem Mandli” Office,situated in the Faiz Hussaini Building at Bunder road, Karachi.
In wellattended gathering organized by the “young Amil’s Association,” Karachi, PanditJewanlal delivers Lecturer on the topic of “Social drawbacks of Hindhs”.Hotchand Chandanmal, Ghulam Ali Chagla, Mohan Lal, Dulatram Rewachand, DargdasB.Advani & Dr.D.G.Advani amongst participants.
In thegathering arranged by the “Young Amils’ Association, Karachi, Rewachand Vassanmal delivers lectureon the topic of “What should our Pandat do.”
AdvocateKhemchand Gopaldas delivers lecture on the topic of the “wanted a leader.” Thegathering was organized by the “young Amil’s Association,”Karachi.
EminentWriter & Teacher Pahlajrai Lilaram Vaswani delivers his lecture on thetopic of “Practical ways and means toimprove ourselves.” The “Young Amils’ Association,” Karachi organizes the function.
“KarachiSocial service league” celebrates its first Anniversary in Karachi. Amongst participants: Prof.Shahani(Patron of the League), Jethmal Parsram, Wadhumal, Lalchand Amardinomal, SethGidumal Fatihchand, Shamdas Gidwani (secretary), Bheromal lekhraj,Dr.Khoobchand, Dr.Doulatram, Advani,Dewan Wasanmal, Nirbhdas Durgdas, Bheromal& Maharchand Advanbi, Partabsing Shahani, H.Mevaram,Esardas Paromal &Toormal etc.
“Karachi Social service League” arranges to stage drama forthe benefit of children studying in Municipal Schools of Karachi.
“The Karachicitizen’s Association” lauds valuable services rendered by Lord Harding for theIndia & British subject.Harchandrai Vishidas presides over the meeting heldin to Khalikdina Hall,Karachi.R.B.Alumal Tikamdas,K.B.Nusserwanjee,R.Mehta,Jamshed N.R Mehta, Gidumal Lekhraj, Framroz E.Panthakey,Durgdas B.Advni, Lokumal Chelaram, D.D.Dhalla and Others amongst speakers.
In thefunction organized by the “young Amils’ Association” Karachi, Dr.Batra delivers his lecture on thetopic of the “First Aid to ourselves”
“The young Amils’Association” organizes lecturer programme. Achalsingh Advani delivers lecture on the topic of “DetiLeti & Amil Marriage”. Vazirmal, Registrar of the Judicial Commissionerchairs the gathering.
SwamiDeyanand delivers lecture on the topic of the “Yoga practice”. The “youngAmils’ Associaion,” Karachiearns good name for arranging such typeof lectures.
In themeeting of,The“Karachi Citizen’s Associatation, decision is taken to start“Gokhale Memorial Fund.”
The “Karachi citizen’sAssociation” arranges series of lectures on the topic of the “Autonomy ofSindh” in first lecture today the speakers favored the autonomy of Sindh onadministrative and economic grounds.
“The youngAmils’ Association,” Karachi,elects its office-bearers for the year 1916 as under:
Managingcommittee: Durgdas B.Advani, Hotchand Chandumal, Khanchand Parmanand, ChandiramManikraj, Bulchand Khemchand, Gobindram Dharamdas, Shamdas Partbrai, KhanchandGopaldas & Rweachand Vassanmal.
TahilramKhanchand (Captain Cricket team)
TulsidasHashmatrai (Captain Cricket team)
AssadomalHukumatrai (Sec: Tennis)
HaromalPremchand Sharma, Editor of the “Sansar Chakkjar,” delivers lecture on thetopic of “Hindu Religion.” “The young Amils’ Association,” Karachi, organizes the function.
Swami Devanandadeliver his first lecture to be followed by series of lectures arranged by“Hindu Shewak Mandal” of karachi
ShewasingH.Ajwani of sukkur delivers his lecture on the topic of “Education we need”.“The yound Amils’ Association,” Karachi,provides platform.
“HinduShewak Mandal” of Karachi celebrates its 1st anniversary at KhalikdnioHall Karachi.
In themeeting arranged by the “The yound Amils’ Association,” Karachi, Dr.Dhalla delivers his lecture onthe topic of the “Nationalism.”
“Arya Samaj” Karachi, elects its office bearer as under:
DayaramHemraj (President), Rewachand Bhugtanai (V.President), Chandra Bhanu Shewak(Hon.Secratary), keshavdes Verma (joint secretary), Ram shewaklal Gupta(library incharge),Maoji Master (Treasurer). Managing Committee: Nathoram,lakshmandas, Mahadev & Dialji.
DeumalRijhumal delivers lecture on the topic of “Improvements in marriage customs.”It was arranged by “The young Amils’ Association,” Karachi,

“D.J.S CollegeLiteracy & Debating Society”, Karachi, organizes the lecture of E.M.Pratt,Judicial Commissioner on the topic of “The Ethics of War”.
“The youngAmils’ Association,” Karachi,arranges debate on the topic of “Pardah,” with Khemchand Gopaldas,Advocate asits principal speaker.
Dr. J.Fitzgerald delivers his lecture on the topic of “Young India” in the lectureProgram organised by the D.J.S College Literacy & Debating society, Karachi.
HyderabadDistrict Congress Committee demands for separate Provincial Congress Committeefor Sindh and avoids to be part of Bombay Congress Committee.
Rev. Father Broswin gives lecture on the topic of “TheNature of Beauty”, organized by the D.J,S College Literacy and Debating society.
“PremMandli,” Karachi celebrates its 2nd Anniversary.
The KarachiCongress Committee by its resolution passed, thanks Mr Justice A.Rahim for his“Minority Report” and urges Government to discontinue indentured Labour immediately.
“NavalraiBalak Vidyala Brahmo Samaj,”karachi, organizes function with Seth Harchandrai Vishindasas the Chief Guest.
Metharam Sajarsingperforms opening ceremony of the library being opened by “Sat Sari DharamdasShewa Mandal,” Rohri. Its is to be noted that Hasanand Sundredas B.Aestablished this Mandal with aims & objects to stat Sanskrit classes,createreligious awareness and render social servies.
A.Jeejeebhoy delivers lecture on the topic of the COMMERCE AND ITS CULTIVATION, in alecture programme arranged by the Karachi Citizens Association, in its premsis.
4thSindh Provicial Conference starts at Shikarpur. Details available on Gul Hayat website.
Rewachand Wasanmal ,Advocate delivers his lecture on the topic of ANIMAL ECONOMICS. The Young AmilsAssociation, Karachi, organises thelecture gathering.
“Arya smaj”Karachi provides platform to Tarachand Gajra for deiverin his lecture on the topic of“What should one do for the samaj”.
Mr.Gurbaxanidelivers his lecture on the topic of OUR COMMUNITY , it was arranged by The Young Amils Association, Karachi.
MissK.Vealle speaks on the topic of the THEOSOPHY AND HINDUISM, in a gatheringarranged by The Young Amils Association, Karachi.
In itsmeeting held at Hyderabad, D.J.S CollegeAmature Dramatic Society elects Rejhumal H.B Advani And Prof. T.K. Shahani fromamongst ex-students and Mangharam U.Malkani, Mirchandani, and Advani fromamongst sitting students as office bearers.Society also decides to stage “FerozDil Afroz” drama at Karachi and Hyderabad. 
The CitizensAssociation of Hyderabad elects G.M.Bhugri (President),Mukhi Jethanand (VicePresident),Gopaldas Jhamatmal ( Hon.Secretary),Sarnanand (Joint Secretary) andDharamdas Belaram ( Treasurer) as Office-Bearers for next year.
“Citien’sAssociation Hyderabad”, celebrates its second Anniversary at Homestead Hall,with Harchandrai Vishindas as president of the occasion. Karamchand Gurmukhdas,Gopaldas jamtmal, jethmal Parsram and Santdas Manghram amongst speakers.
The KarachiCitizens Association elects Harchandrai Vishindas (President),Wadhomal Odharam(Vice President), Mir Ayoob (Vice President),Durgdas B, Advani (Hon.Secretary),R.K.Sidhva (Hon.Secretary), Dr.D.G.Advani (Public Health Incharge),JeramdasDoulatram (Education Incharge),Jamshed Mehta ( Member Managing Committee),Achaldas M. Advani (Member Managing Committee),Abdul Rehman, V.A.Aiyar,Tekamdas Wadhomal, G.G.Chagla, Framroze, Lokomal Chelaram, Motilal and Dr.PopatLal ( All Members of Managing Committee) as Office-Bearers for next year.
Dr.ChithramGidwani gives account ofthe Shikarpur Conference at New High School on therequest of The Karachi Prem Mandli.
TheDy.Superintendet Police serves Notices upon Mr. Jamshed N.R.Mehta ( PresidentLocal Branch of Home Rule League), Marriwalla (Secretary of the PropagandistCommittee) and Ayer (Secretary of the League) prohibiting a procession arrangedby them to prade the City (Karachi) prior to the Party Meeting.
SpecialSindh Provincial Conference held in Hyderabad.It was presided over by Harchandrai Vishiandas while Mr. G.M Bhurgiri was thechairman of the Reception Committee.Details about the Conference are uploadedon the Gul Hayat Website.
The citizensAssociation, Hyderabadelects office bearers: Honourable Bhurgiri (as President), Mukhi Jethanand(U.P), Gopaldas Jhamatmal (H.Sec), Sarnand (J.Sec & Dharmdas Belaram(Treasure)
Home RuleLeague,The District Congress Committee and The Karachi Citizens Associationjoimtly protest against the cancellation of Passport to the Home Rule League Deputationproceeding to England.
Home RuleLeaguers celebrate Birthday of Anni Besant with Jeramdas Doulatram inchair.Shri Kirshadas Lula, R.K.Sidhva, Chairai Virbhdas speak on occasioneulogising the Head of Home Rule League.
The KarachiHome Rule League protests against the decision of the Government of India notto allow a Congress-League Deputation to proceed to England.
The HomeRule Leaguge celebarates the 51thBirthday Anniversary of Mr.Gandhi in a befitting manner.The Public Meeting heldat Khalikdino Hall Karachi.
DistrictCongress Committee of Hyderabad passed resolution to protest against nominationof a large proportion on city Municipality.
Strike inKarachi, Hyderabad, Shikarpur and other cities against “Rowlatt Bill”.
4thSindh Provicial Conference in Shikarpur.Details available on the Gul HayatWebsite.
Sindh observescomplete Hartal to protest against “Rowlaat Bill”. Precession, meetings andgatherings in big cities.
Under theauspices of the District Congress Commitee of Sukkur, a public meeting is heldto educate public opinion on political subjects with special reference toRawlatt Bill.
JallianwalaBagh Tragedy occures in Punjab. Details are uploaded on the Gul Hayat website.
6thSindh Provincial Conference starts at Jacobabad, details available on thewebsite of Gul Hayat Institute.
Large scalesearches of offices & houses of political leaders and their arrests startsin Sindh. Jethmal Parsram, H.D Mariwalla, Narisinglal, Mukhi Jethanand, Dr.Choitram, Shaikh Abdul Majeed and Durgdas arrested.
Bhatia MitraMandal,Rohri, stages drama NARSIA BHAGAT.
Forencouraging local-made items and articles and giving boost to Home economy andimparting love for country Sindh establishes “Sawadeshi Saba” with branches inbig cities.
Dr.Choithram speaks on the present political conditions of the Bharat Varsh andIndians in Punjab, South Africa & Fiji in public meeting held underthe auspices of the District congress Committee of Sukkur.
Home RuleLeague of Hyderabad request Government to remove restrictions on Messrs BipinChandrapal and B.G.Tilak from visiting Punjab, and allow Lala Lajpatrai andHarriman to return to India. The meeting held at Hyderabad (Holmstead Hall )with Hiranand Santokram in chair.
KhilafatConference starts in Hyderabad,a big political Move after killings inPunjab.Hindus and Muslim equqlly determined to show public strength to theGovernment.
The meetingof the Council of the Sindh Provincial Congress Committee deplores at lengththe tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh and decides for organizing “All Sindh Fund” formemorial purpose.
The SanatanAmature Dramatic Society of Old Sukkur stages drama at Railway Institute.(earning of two nights Rs 1150 handed over to The Narsamal Ryatmal Club as Aid)
Inconnection with his programme of visit in Sindh, Gandhi arrives in Karachi.
TheHyderabad District Congress Committee decides by 17 votes to 10 to recommendthe principle of non-cooperation to the special Indian National Congress.
Congresscommittee launches Non-co-operation Movement against the Governemnt.
SpecialSindh Provincial Conference in Hyderabad. Details available on Gul Hayat’sWebsite.
Prof.M.R.Shirazi delivers his lecture on the topic of “The Bahai movement on theinvitation of the karachi” “Prem Mandli”
KarachiCongress Committee appeals to Sindh Merchants cease importing any furtherfforeign made cloth.
Gobind Malhitakes birth at tharushah ater on became know writer. After 1947 left sindh forBombay. Contributed more that 19 books.
VishnoSharma,Editor of “Hindu” earn arrest under I.P.C.124 onaccount of his editorialagainst the Government.
DistrictCommittees of Sindh C.Committee started awarding scholarship to students.
The NonCooperation Movement launched by the congress against the Government ends.
Sindhi pressinspite of clear cut directives of the Govt, carried an appeal not receivePrince of Wales.
Prince ofWales arrives at Karachi.Complete Hartal by political parties and their workers.
15.9.1922 On the eveof 10th anniversary.”The Prem Mandli”, Karachi published its Annualprogress Report. The out standing services of the Mandli remained as under:
1. Freereading room & library established,
2. Startedhealth circulating library consisting of books on health and physical culture
3. Lectuiresarranged by its debating society
4. Sacreddayts celebrated
5. Nightschool established for untouchables
6. Dramasstages on the eve of anniversaries
7. Weekly“The young Builders” founded
16.9.1922 On the eve of 336th anniversary,the “Arya Samaj” Karachi presents its annual report. The organizationmaintains: “Putri Patshala” (Girls School) at the last of Rs 100/= per month.80 girls enrolled and get free education, DAV.School with monthly cot of Rs200/= responsioble for catering 75 students & Gujrati school with Rs 100/=per month and responsible for educationg 75 boys students.
SindhCongress launches movement for collection of “Tilik Sawraj Fund”. The task tocontinue for fifteen days.
Gandhi ArrestDay observed in Sindh. Hartal and protest procession in cities.
Dr. G.TWrench in his lecture delivered in D.J Sindh college advises Women-folk not totake part in politics.
HariHimtahni takes birth at Moro. Later on he earned name & fame in the fieldof the literature. After 1947 he migrated to India and settled there in Ajmir.
On the jointcall of the Khilafat Committee & Congress 
Committee, Sindh records it pretest and observe Hartal as to show resentment onGovernment policy regarding Keya Colony.
Conductingof classes by lalchand amardinomal jagtiani in night school run by “PremMandli” karachio. The purpose of classes to highliught the life &achievements of shah abdul latif bhitai.
LalaLajpatrai in Karachi:Karachi Municipal Corporation presents welcome Address on behalf of citizens ofthe city.
24.3.1924 The nationalbaby week being celebrated in Karachi. Exahibitionh and lecture programmes atvarious places on various dates.R.K.Sindhua to co-ordionate. Details ofprogrammes as under:
1. Lyari 24.3.1924
2. OldTown 26.3.1924
3. Sadar 30.3.1924

  1. Kiamari 1.4.1924


“SindhLeague of Progress” in its Annual General meeting held at Khaliq Dino Hall,elects the committee of Karachi Branch for the forthcoming year as under:
Harchandrai,Dipchand Chandumal, Wali Muhammad, Hassan Ali, Jahangeer Panthakey, G.MDycekeele, Ardeshir H.Mama, C.F.D Abreo, Jamshed Mehta, E.L. Price & SirMontagu Webb (Hon. Secretary)
“Local Adulteducation movement” formed in Karachi so as to conduct English classes foradults. Theosophical society to provide Hall for conducting of classes.Prof.Trivedi, Prof.Junnarkar, Mahatma Vairag ya Chandra, Kamat and Joshi behindthe Idea and formation of movement.V.J.Pardhan equested to deliver hislectures.
ShewaMandli, Garhiyasin, celebrates its 5th anniversary.
Inspite ofvigrious opposition, non-Muslim Community of sukkur opts for formation of the“Sindh Ladies association”
SindhCongress celebrates “Gandhi Birthday”. Leader’s life and achievementshighlighted in gatherings and meetings.
SethHarchandrai Vishindas performs opening ceremony of the Dayaram JethanandKhilinani library established by Hindu Town Peoples’ Association, Karachi.
JasumalTahilram Kodwani takes birth at Tando Muhammad Khan. After 1947, he migrated toIndia and settled there in Agra. He earned name andfame in literacy circles and was known as Jasumal “Azad”.
TheHyderabad District Council Committee expresses thanks to people for support inelection of Mr. Jai Ram Das as the member of the Bombay Legislative Council.
Dewanhukumatrai shank areas advani breathes his last. He was born in 1864, remainedhead accountant in phulali cannales. He was mukhi of hirabad, Hyderabad.
The SindhHindu Association passed a resolution in which it termed the separation ofSindh as harmful to the interests if Sindh.
The SindhProvisioal Hindu Sammelan was held under the presidency of Lala Lajpat RaiM.L.A at Sukkur which was attended by as many as five hundred delegates fromall parts of Sindh.
Kirshanjethanand hemrajani takes birth at sukkur. Later on the left sindh after 1947.Earned name & fame as a wrier & translator became another of a fewbooks.
SindhProvisioal Hindu Sabha held its meeting at Hyderabad to consider the resolution of theAll-India Congress Committee regarding separation of Sindh.
SethHarchandrai Vishindas gave as interview to a representative of “THE HINDU” andreiterated his opposition to the separation of Sindh from Mombay Presidency.
SindhCongress observes death anniversary of D.C. Das.
SethHarchandrai called the leading citizens of the Karachi at his house and issued jointstatement to the press strongly objecting to the proposal of constituting Sindhinto a separate province. 
SethHarchandrai presided over a public meeting in the Khaiqdina Hall which passed astrongly worked resolution against the separation of Sindh from Mombaypresidency.
687-88Vol-II Septt
MofussilHindu leaders issued statement to the press protesting against the separationof Sindh. 
SimonCommission reaches India.
Sindhobserves and celebrated “Bardoli Day” Sindh Congress organizes meetings andprocessions.
The Hindus,Muslims & other minorities of Sindh entered into a communal pact agreeingto the separation if Sindh.
Sindhobserves Hartal to protest against “Simon Commission”.
August 1928
Indian L.Apassed Sir Alexander Muddiman’s Bill empowering Provisional Governments andsearching any press/Newspaper Office & books/documents/etc.
Meeting ofthe Karachi C.C at Khaliq Dina Hall Naraindas Anandji presided over. It wasdecided to boycott the Simon commission. Mir Muhammad Baloch and Sindhi ShaikhAbdul Majeed spoke on the occasion. 1000 volunteers stage protest against thecommission & raised slogan “Simon go back” .
Karachi congress Committee’smeeting presided over by Naraindas Anandji & participated by Swami Govindanand,Seth Haji Abdullah Haroon, Prof. Jhamatmal, Muhammad Khan, Manilal Vyas,,Shaikh Abdul Majeed, Mir Muhammad Baloch, R.K Sidhwa & Warsinghlal.Resolved that to observe Hartal 3.2.1928 to protest against Simon Commission. 
Sindh C.Cfinalizes boycott program to the implemented on the eve of arrival of SimomCommission.
Publicmeeting held in Khaliq Dina Hall presided over by Dr. Ansari, President ofIndian National Congress, Maulana Azad was amongst participants.
Sindhistudents boycott their classes in educational institution to show theirresentment on the “Simon Commision”.
Black flagprocession taken in Hyderabadto lodge protest against Simon Commision.
“SimonCommission” in Karachi, “Sindh Hindu Sabha”presents Memorandum and opposes separation of Sindh from Bombay presidency.
Eminent ofcitizen of Karachi, seth sobhraj chetumal breathes his last. Born in 1879 atshikarpur. Municipal copunciller for 20 years. President Karachi Indianmerchants association and the socil service league. Vice president of the kanyamaha vidyala and the sindh hindu association. First class hon,magistrate.
Dewan Hiranandsantookram advani breaths his last. Born in 1872, did B.A in 1892. Remainedteacher in high school practice. He was theoisopohist, dramaartist, socialworker, congress worker and later on president of hoime rule league Hyderabad.
Goverdhantakes birth. Left sindh ater 1947. By profession he became elect. Engineer andearned name & fame in literary circles of ajmir as goverdhan mahaboobanibharti.
PahlajraiLiharam Vaswani (P.L. Vaswani) breathes his last. He was an educationalist,administrator of Karachi Local Board schools and General Secretary of the“Karachi Social Service League” for years. He was writer & author ofhandsome number of books.
Sindhobserves “Azadi Day” as desired and decided by the All-India CongressCommittee.
Sindhobserves Hartal and stike on the call of the All-India Congress Committee.
TheAll-India Congress Committee Launches “Non-Co-Operation Movemrnt” against theGovernment. Sindh anxious to take part.
Gandhistarts his march to Mandvi to offer civil disobedience through violation of the provisional of the Salt laws.
Policefiring of Congress procession. Two workers breath their last.
All nightraid on Karachion local Satyagrahis and locking andsealing of congress premises. 
Under the“Criminal Law Amendment Act” the Government/Police raid the following officeand sub offices of the congress committee in Karachi as they were declare unlawful:
1. SindhProvincial Congress Committee
2. Karachi District C.C
3. SindhSatyagrah Councel
4. Karachi Satyagrah Councel
5. Boycottcommittee
6. VidyarathMandal
7. Karachi SatyagrahCommittee
8. GujratiKumar Sang
9. NaujawanBharat Sabha
10. Karachi Vidyarthi Samagan
11. RashtryaIstri Mandal
12. ShewakDal
Police LathiCharges congress gathering in Ram Bagh inh\jures 159 of which 50 as seriousmakes arrests of 36 including twenty women.
TheAll-India Congress Committee suspends its Non-Co-Operation Movement.
The workingcommittee of the A.I.C.C meets in Karachiand will continue to meet for several days.
PanditJawahar Lal Nehru presides over the “All-India Studnets Council ” at Karachi. The conferencedisapproves “Gandhi-Irwin Settlement” and resolve to form provisional working committeeof students.
SubhasChandra Bose presides “The Nauhawan Bharat Sabha Conference” in Karachi. Details uploadedon the website of the Gul Hayat Institute.
The AllIndia Congress Committee meets in the subject committee tent at HarchandraiNagar, Karachi.Jawahar Lal Nehru Presides. The meeting confirms the minutes of the lastmeeting and discuss the General Secretaries report.
Sindh hosts45th Session of the All-India Congress Committee. Karachi selected as the proper place forconducting the session.
1931 March
Arepresentative Hindu conference, attended by three hundred delegates andpresided over by Mr. Ramanand Chatterji, Editor of the “Modern Review ” passesreolution against the separation of Sindh. 
Mr. SubhasChandra Bose presides “The political Sufferer’s conference in Karachi. Swami Govindanand acts as chairmanof the Reception committee conference pass resolution on various topics andresolves to form an Indian Political Prisoner Relief Committee”.
Publicmeeting organized by Karachi Congress Committee in Ram Bagh Ground, lathicharge by the police.
Undersection 35 of the Emergency Powers Ordinance, 1932 (II of 1932) Magistrates inSindh were invested with powers of special Magistrates to Combat CongressMovement launched against Government.
Sindhobserves “ Civil Disobedience Movement” launched by the Congress Committee,upto 7.4.1934 with break from 9.5.1933 to 1.8.1933
TheGovernor-in-Council under section 16 of the “Indian Crimanal Law Amendment Act,1908 (XIV of 1908)”, declares Hyderabad District Congress Committee and itsaffiliated organization unlawful.
Undersection 16 of the Indian Criminal Law Amendment Act (XIV of 1908), the Governorin Council declares various Districts Congress Committees and their branchesunlawful.
CompleteHartal was observed in Sindh as Gandhi Arrest Day.
Non-MuslimCommunity of Sindh organizes “Anti-Separation” meeting in Karachi.
Sindh HinduConference was held in Karachi.
“Sindh HinduConference” held in Karachi,separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency opposed.
Speaking onthe “Provincial Criminal; laws supplementary Bill in Indian legislativelalchand novalrai said that this measure is unprecedented calculated to strikeat the root of social order. Such drastic legislation was sure to recoil penthe Govt. he deplored that the high courst under the provisi0ons of variousprovincial criminal law amendement acts ae being subordinated entirely o theprovincial governments.
“The KarachiIndian Merchant’s Association” rejects “White Paper” and terms it againstinterests of people.
The CongressCommittee launches “Nom-co-operation Movement” against the Government.
“SindhLeague of progress” discusses economic sitatution of sindh. Sir inchair, where as jamshed NR.Mehta, Haridas Lalji, Isardas varandmal, Jethmalparsram, Shahnaqaz Bhutto, Ghulam Ali chagla, Abdul Majeed Shaikh, B.T.Thakur,S.M.Lula, Dr.Hingorani & J.Panthakey amongst participants. Great talk inprices of agricultural commodities and disposal of sukkur barrage lands remainedburning issue in agenda.
Non-cooperationMovement launched by the Congress on 2.8.1933, comes to an end.
“TheFrontier Punjab & Sindh Hindu Conference” held at Peshawar. Apart from other issues the issueof the separation of Sindh from Bombaypresidency was opposed unanimously.
“Sindh YoungCongressities League” takes birth in Sindh with Miss Nirmala Lalwani as itsfounder president.
Mrs SarojniNaido on Sindh visit. Karachi Municipal Corporation presents address to her.The next of that addresses available at Gul Hayat.
“The AllIndia Anti-Communal Award Conference” starts in New Delhi. Lalchand Nawalrai and BhaiPermanand from Sind as Participants.
Mr.R.D.Bell,home member makes a important statements in the council during the debtate onthe adjournment motion regarding the public demand for an immediate enquirtyinto Karachi firing.
Sir CowasjiJehangir partipated in the discussion in the tariff act Amend (Rice &wheat) Bill. In the Indian legislative Asseembly.
Sir Cowasjijehangir participated in the discussion an the finance bill debate in thesession of ndian legislative assembly.
Sindhi getsProvincial status. The longest annexation with Bombay stand ceased.
“LarkanaHigh School Dramatic society” stayed Dram “Bharat Kaniya” students of school(Boys & Girls) took part. Prayer songs and dances were performed byShivdasnni sisters, Mathrani Sisters, Miss chandanani and Miss Hiongorani.
Dr.Tarachand forms Sindh Labour Party.
Firstsession of the “Sindh Congress Socialist conference” starts in Karachi.
“Sindh HinduConference” starts at Sukkur under the presidency of Bhai Parmanand &political development after the separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency wasreceived with special reference to the social, religious and political futureof Sindhi Hindus. 
Khan BahadulAllah Bux Soomro forms Government.
Annualmeeting for election for the year 1939-40 of the bearers of Nawabshah CongressCommittee was held at the residency of Noalvi Muhammad Maaz, yhe sittingpresent of the Nawabshah Congress Committee.
NichaldasWazirani & Dialmal Doulatram take oath as ministers.
Hindu actorsof Sukkur, stage drama “Assembly” in Kambar Ali Khan. The drama aim atcriticizing. The role being played by the Sindh Legislative Assembly.
Sindh Muslimleague launches “Masjid Manzalgah Restoration Movement” prior to this MuslimReligious scholars visited Sukkur and delivered speeches to invite SindhiMuslims attention to the Issue.
The MasjidManzilgah issue/dispute probing court records statements & evidence ofFoujdar Umar Khan & Maulvi Sadiq in Karachi.
The Congresslaunches “Satyagarah” Movement against the Government.
SindhCongress organized “Hindu-Muslim Unity Conference” at Nawabshah. It waspresided over by Maolana Abdul Kareem Chishti and lasted for two day. ThePresidential Address in booklet form available at Gul Hayat.
SindhLegislative Resolution passes Resolution in favour of Pakistan.Congress members either in jail or absentees.
Cabinet Mission arrives in Karachi.
Complete hartal in Sindh on the call of Sindh Congress Committee qwing to the death of Bhula Bhai Dessai.
The Hydreabad District Congress Committee expresses great sorrow over the death of Bhula Bhai Desai.

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