FAZUL SULEIMAN KAZI            ( An all rounder Scholar) 


                           By DR ALI AKBAR DHAKAN

In the vast Universe of God,some of people look like human beings but they are in their dealings and doings beyond the capacities and capabilities of the common or ordinary men living on the earth.Mr Fazul Kazi is also one of them and he is very ardent,astute,intellectual,brilliant,assiduous,courageous honest,dedicated,diligent,Scholar, polymath and ponderable man.

His Genealogy

Generally,people think Kazis of Moro as Soomra which is incorrect traditionally and historically.The real verbal traditions say that some Qureshi families migrated from Arabia first reaching Middle East and then went to South Asia.Some of their families migrated to Multan and settled there.Then some families came to Sindh and some people of them on the advice and affectionate treatment of the local people of Moro,stayed there and later they shifted to Panj (Five)Moro and finally settled there. Qureshis of Multan also confirm the information of their ancestors that some of their relatives had migrated to Sindh. Therefore according to the common understanding and further research,all such events and movements of some families from Arabia to Multan and Sindh prove that the Kazis of Moro belonged to the Quresh families of Arabia.

His Family Background

Their Family background belongs to Sultan ul Arfin(King of Knowledge)Makhdoom  Shah Muhammad first 1449 who is buried in the village Darsan was very sacred star of his time.He converted many unbelievers as Muslims.Shaikh ul Islam Qazi Dost Muhammad during the rule of Talpurs was Chief Justice (Qazi ul Qazat).Qazi Shah Muhammad(3) was also a great religious Scholar and his younger brother Qazi Din Muhammad (1886) was Qazi of Justice of Hyderabad.He died in Badin and was buried there.In Badin,people call him as non local religious leader(Perdesi Peer).Kazi Fazul Suleiman belongs to this family.

                                                                                                 (Prof Assadullah Bhutto)

Iskander Azam in Moro

Mr Nazir Ahmed Kazi wrote in his book titled "From Moro to Makteshore on page 10 about Moro:

"There is another historical fact about Moro that when Iskander Azam returned from Sewhan to Moro,a Budhist monsieur advised him that you would not benefit from collecting and snatching money or other assets and wealth from the country's people by your cruel attacks and war raids.Suddenly you would leave from this world empty handed,think a bit,be careful and avoid feeling proud of your status but be submissive and farsighted man.Hearing this advice,Iskander Azam did not fight more and ordered his some arrogant army soldiers to be ready for return.One should surprise to his fate that in the age of 32 years, he died on the way at the Sikanderia city of Iraq and could not be buried in the earth of his own country.He did not forget the advice of a Budhist of Moro and left his will that his both empty hands should be kept open out of his Cofin so that the people of this world should know that Iskander Azam also left this world empty handed and could not carry with him anything of this world looted from the people through his war attacks and raids and left here all things he collected and snatched from others.


His Father

His Father Dr Kazi Muhammad Suleiman Morai(1903-1968) got Government Scholarship for doing Veterinary Graduation from Bombay Veterinary College(GBVC) and after completing it in First class in May 1923,he was posted as Doctor in the Veterinary Hospital in Karachi.On 27th August 1946 after doing Post Graduation Course from Makteshore Breli,he was posted as Assistant Director Animal Husbandry in Upper Sindh at Sukkur in 1948.Then he was posted in lower Sindh.He retired on 13th January 1958 and then on 13th February 1958,he was posted as Instructor in Village Aid Training Institute Tandojam. He taught veterinary education to the Village Aid workers and also looked after there the Poultry Farm as its Incharge. After serving there for about 18 months,he left the Village Aid Service on 13th August 1959 and then he started his own Private Veterinary Clinic in Moro. He used to write for the Magazine being published by the Village Aid about the diseases of animals. He also wrote his travelogue from Moro to Makteshore and also he wrote on 80 pages the daily Dairies about his travel to Thar and also he wrote travelogue from Makteshore to Lahore. He was also prosody Poet of Sindhi language, As a sample,his one poem is translated in English from Sindhi which he composed as an instruction/his will to his third son Kazi Mazaher ul Haque who had gone to London for doing higher education of Barrister:


                   "Your mother day night remembers you,

                     She prays to God daily for Favours you.

                     Vividly much away my dear you are,

                     But in blessings of parents you are.

                     Your luck and status will be high,

                     In religion and character you will rely.

                     During my life,I shall see your highness,

                     If died,my blessings are for your greatness.

                     I want to leave my sweet will for you,

                     That return to Sindh is must for you.

                     On my grave you must come and  must visit, 

                      Repair my grave,take care and welcome it".                                                                                                                                            (01-06-1963)

               (Professor Shamsad Soomro,History of Ditrict N'Feroze)

His father recorded birth dates and places of all his five sons as follows:

      S.No.                     Name                         date                        place

         1.                 FAZAL UL HAQUE        24-11-1938              DADU

         2.                 ABD UL HAQUE            10-01-1940              DADU

           3.                 MAZAHAR UL HAQUE   12-10-1941              karachi

          4.                 SIRAJ UL HAQUE             02-11-1944             HYDERABAD

           5.                      MANZOOR UL HAQUE    11-08-1946             MORO of birth 

The different places of birth of all his five Sons were due to his transfer of services through out the Sindh Province.Dr Kazi Muhammad Suleiman left this world on 6th June 1966 passing 66 Springs of life in this mortal world.


As stated above Kazi Fazul was born on 24-11-1938 in Dadu.He studied at Govt.College Hyderabad,Hyderabad Law College and University  of Sindh from where he obtained degrees of B.A.(Honours)Political Science,M.A. Political Science with distinction in First Class,Second position and LL.B. 


During studentship in the above institutions,he was elected as Join Secretary,Govt.College 

 Students Union Hyderabad,General Secretary of Students Union of Hyderabad Sindh Law College,General Secretary of Sindh University Students Union,Chairman of Inter-Collegiate Body and President of Sindh Students Union.


He served many other services before joining National Bank of Pakistan in 1973 where he rose to the high position as Executive Vice President .He held positions of the Branch Managers,Area Manager,Zonal Head,Regional Head,Head of Corporate Affairs Division,National Bank,Head Office,Karachi etc.


He was posted as the Chief Representative National Bank of Pakistan,Representative Office,Beijing and Regional Chief Executive Of NBP America/Africa Region,New York.


He was awarded President's Medal for outstanding performance as Branch Manager and President's Gold medal for outstanding performance as Head of Corporate Affairs Division NBP,Head Office,KARACHI.


His many Articles and Book Reviews were published in English Newspapers and periodicals in Daily Dawn ,Sun,Daily News,Pakistan Economist,Pakistan Review(Lahore) and the illustrated Weekly of Pakistan.


He authored and published the following books:

1.Law and Politics in Pakistan in Pakistan (1975) in English

2.Provincial Autonomy and Federal Politics in Sindh(2000)

3.Hand Book of Banking Terms in English ( 2004 )

4.Provincial Autonomy (Sindh) and Federal Politics (2017) in Sindhi.

5.Banks and Executive Leadership(2018) in English

6.From Moro to Makteshore(His Father's Biography 2018) in Sindhi

7.Incense and Echoes(2018) in English


1.He conducted as Anchor Current Affairs(Live Sindhi Programmes "WAU SAWAU"(NEWS AND VIEWS) from Pakistan Television Station,Karachi 1975.

2.He is being publicly acknowledged as sharp,intellectual and knowledgeable Anchor and Moderator.

3.Daily "Morning News"Karachi commented on 5th February 1975 as follows:

"Fazul Haq Kazi the popular Compeer of the Sindhi Progrmme Wau Sawau has earned quite a name for his sedate moderation and is very much in demand where he has to act asa Jujdge,master of ceremonies or just as a moderator." Kazi who has been the student of Political Science,is very much interested in arts and has written scholarly papers on Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai,Arts of Sindh and Sadquain's by Hamid Zamman -looking back and forth.(Morning News dated 15-2-1975) 

4."Pakistan Economist" praised Kazi's talents,by commenting:

"The Compeer Kazi,who seems to be more knowledgeable than his counterparts of "Roznama" and "Tarjman"....introduces an element of credibility and authenticity in the discussion through his moderating talent and readiness with facts.

5.Mr S.Rahat Hussain Viewer of the Programme in his letter dated 14th February 1975 to the Morning News,stated as under:

"Compeer of WAU SAWAU performs his part exceedingly well and I hope Programme will become more popular with the passage of time." 

6.Yet another Viewer Yusuf Ali wrote in a letter to the Daily Dawn dated 5th February 1975 as follows:

"The K.T.V's weekly current Affair Programme WAU SAWAU seems to hinge on the timely interventions of its compeer Fazul Haq Kazi."

7.Mr Fazalullah Qureshi in his book Of Autobiography in Sindhi "Kujh Yadoon Kujh Galhiyoon" from 1940-87 (Some memoirs and some stories) has written on page 131 as under:

"During August 1957 to August 1960,the Political situations in Sindh were remained uprising.The nationalists movements rose and the students and literates/writers unions raised their voices against the prevailing one unit imposed on west Pakistan.In Larkana (The Indus Students Federation) was established by Bahawal Khan Unar and in Hyderabad,Kazi Fazul Haq's Sindh Students Federation worked strongly and gradually both Students Federations started their Voices through movements and marches against the break up of the One Unit in Sindh.

8.On pages from 164 to 167 of his same book of Autobiography,Mr Fazalullah Qureshi has written as follows:

"Entering the Sindh University for doing M.A.Economics on 30 th August 1963,I found Kazi Fazul Haq and used to meet him regularly in his house at Hirabad Hyderabad from the month of October 1963.On 10th November 1963,the special meeting of SSF was arranged at his house where new representatives of students Union were elected.On the same day also,along with Kazi sb went to the offices of Sindhi News papers i.e.,Ibrat,Mehran,Indus Times(English) and Nawaewaqt(Urdu) where we used to present Press Note of daily activities of SSF.Now,including Kazi Fazul,Latif Ansari (Senator),Lutuf Dodani,Dr Suleman Shaikh,Ali Ahmed Junejo and Muhammad Sharif Memon were representatives of SSF.After the convention of SSF in January 1964,Kazi Fazul left the SSF and the Charge of the President of SSF remained with the Vice President Latif Ansari."

9.Professor Kazi Khadim wrote in his book of his memoirs namely (In the Heart) in Sindhi that during the period of Ayub Khan,from the talented people appeared, Kazi Fazul ul Haq

was one of them as he possessed good control on the English language.

10.Hakim Kazi Abdul Khaliq "Khalleeq Morai" and Qazi Khuda Bakhsh, the first Sindhi muslim Mayor Of Karachi Municipal Corporation(1935) were amongst members of the family of Kazi Fazul.Their honesty and socio Economic activities and their appreciative contribution in the administrative performance and development became great source of encouragement and enthusiasm for Kazi Fazul.

11."I have arrived at the conclusion that for an author who is barely in his early thirties to have produced such a high quality of essays as are included in his miscellany book(Law and Politics in Pakistan) must be considered as a worthwhile achievement."

                                                                                         ( A.K. Brohi ) 30th June 1973.

12."Discretionary Power" appears to be a vigorous and worthwhile study,an excellent reference book both for lawyer and layman.Author is practicing law as an advocate of Sindh High Court,Karachi,has to his credit two other books-Law and Politics in Pakistan and Hand book of Banking Terms."

                                                     ( Justice Hamid Ali Mirza )

13."Fazul Suleiman Kazi has worked with me as Executive Vice President while I was the President of National Bank of Pakistan.He distinguished himself on various assignments.... I feel immense pleasure to record my appreciation for his commendable effort in writing    "Hand book of Banking Terms."

                                                                                 ( Muhammadmian Soomro)

                                                                                 Chairman Senate of Pakistan.

14."I am impressed with the two scintillating senses you have,as it seems,keenly quoted from;if I am not mistaken,Ernest Raymond's wise book"Through Literature of Life."

                                                                                  ( Mazaharul Haq Siddiqui) 

                                                                              Vice Chancellor,University of Sindh.

15. " You are source of inspiration,vision and wisdom".

                                                         ( Dr Dur Muhammad Pathan )

16."Man of Mettle and Entity" Sindh is lucky to have such true son of soil!He belongs to the stock of men,who are few in merit and talent."  

                                                                                           ( Bachal Tunio)

                                                                          Additional Advocate General Sindh

17." I appreciate that you have produced the grievances of Sindh with facts and figures.

                                                                                                          ( Noor Ahmed Janjhi 


18.Mr Fazal Suleiman Kazi,the learned advocate of Sindh High Court has authored the book Discretionary Power.I very sincerely congratulate him in authoring this valuable book which is very useful for honourable Judges,Lawyers,Administrators and the authorities exercising their discretionary power.

                                                                         ( Justice Deedar Hussain Shah )

                                                               Former Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan




1.Professor Waseem has distributed the Pakistan Govenment Power in two parts:One Insiders i.e.,Punjabis ,Pathans and Muhajirs,Second Outsiders i.e.,Sindhis and Balochs.Muhajirs (Refugees) and Pathans are insiders as far as the 'Power struggle among the Elites is concerned.On the other hand both Sindhis and Balochs are Outsiders in as much as they are struggling not for State Power as such but for safegaurding their social,cultural,political and economic interests against the usurpation of these by the strident state elite belonging to Punjabis,Muhajirs and Pathan communities.

                                                                  ( By Kazi Fazal,in Sindh and Sindh,page-4)

2.The Dawn dated 6th March 2001 wrote " Sindh also faces discrimination in the matter of distribution of development funds."

3."The Constitution says that the Province which produces natural gas has first and foremost right to it,but the federal Government does not accept it,because Sindh is producing natural Gas."

                                                      ( Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah)

                                                             Awami Awaz,5th April 2016

4."Provinces can raise debt,even in rupees from domestic financial market,with out prior permission of the federal Government which later promptly denies."

                                                                            (Shahid Kardar NFC Dawn 3rd July 2003)

5.Take the recent example of the "Report Reduction Strategy Paper"(PRSP) designed in consultation with the IMF.The Provincial Governments were hardly involved,even in determining the outcomes and indicators that are being used to judge country's performance."

                                                                                ( Shahid Kardar)

                                                          NFC Constraints,Dawn dated 2nd July,2003

6."For maintaining peace in Karachi for Rangers expenditure of billions Rs,Federal Govt. is  paying nothing to Sindh Govt. and even for education and health projects."


7." Powers of Province are being rolled back."

                                            (Raza Rabani) 

                         Chairman Senate,News 9th August 2016

8."Contrary to Islamabad's claim of good financial management,the reality is that the bulk of the cost of the "Structural Adjustment Programme has been borne by the Province."


9."Benefits of the recent "Debt Relief" have not been shared with the Provinces."


10.Compensation of the loss of Rs 550 million Rs for the year 2004 NFC not provided.


11." Gas Development surcharge as cess is received by Federal Government instead of the Province of Sindh."

                                                                                        (Qaim Ali Shah,Dawn 18,January 2015)

12." Resolution for Recovery of surcharge of Rs 80 billion to Sindh's share was bulldozed through National Assembly."


13." No Divisible pool of Rs 31-32 billion every month was reduced to Rs 8-10 billion only."


14.And other injustices in the financial as well as recruitment matters have been mentioned by Kazi Fazul on pages from 55 to 688 of his book (Sindh and Sindhis) 

Kazi Fazul wrote another scholarly book titled Sindh and Administrative System of Pakistan.He has described all facts and sagacious views about the failure and success of the Administration of our country Pakistan since independence.He has quoted the reference of Mr Daron and James as follows (Page 60-61):

1." It is the Political institutions of a nation that determines the ability of citizens to control politicians and influence how they behave.This is twin determines whether politicians are agents of the citizens albeit imperfect,or are able to above the power entrusted to them,or that they have usurped,to amass their own fortunes and to pursue their own agendas,ones detrimental to those of the citizens". 

                                       ( Daron,Acemoghe and James A.Robinson,"Why Nations fail-The origins of Power,prosperity and poverty"Crown Business,New York 2012,page-42)

2."Pakistan is a country in trouble,a state unhigened,insecure and volatile.Large scale corruption and crime flourish."

                                                        (Making Pakistan A Tenable State,Feroze sons Lahore,P-7)

3."Causes of Poverty are unequal distribution of state resources among citizens."

4."Laws and regulations and the administration of them are designed in ways that not only fail to protect the ordinary citizens against the wealthy but also further enrich the wealthy at the expense of the rest of the society."

                                                                       (Joseph Stigliz,London page 82 and xix)

5." There is violation of the principle of Federation."


6.".........electoral politics is dominated by elite families,many of whom regard the high cost of campaigning as investment for access to "spoils system."

                                               ( Ian Talbot,Pakistan a Modern History,London,2009,p-2.)

7."Many of the same families who were prominent in the colonial era continue to win the political office.This political class continues to operate in terms of narrow personal interests rather national ones."


8.".......only restoration of democracy and devolution of real administration and political power can save Pakistan."

                                      (Veena Kukreja,contemporary Pakistan,Sage Publications,2003,P-xvi)

9."The State seems to have lost control in internal domain as fanatics have been able to hit targets almost at will."

                                      (Ishtiaq Qureshi,Pakistan in Garrison State 2013,P-470).

10."Military's inability to provide markedly superior administration or economic management to that of civilians has contributed to Pakistan's downward spiral in governance."

                                      (Ian Tablot,P-8)

11."Army expansion in to many areas of Pakistan's public life brought corruption in its wake."

                                      (Ian Tablot,Dawn April,28,2013,Review of books)

12."Pakistan now barely survives on its own income and most social services are paid by foreign countries .Were aid to cease,the Government would again be faced with financial failure."

                                      (Stephen Cohen,Future of Pakistan,P-20)

13."Can Pakistan continue with degree of discontent? Now normal is abnormal."                                                                                                                             ( Ibid,P-22)

14." Successive regimes have failed to deliver distributive justice,peace and progress.The institutional decay is the legacy of the failed leadership."

                                      (Dr Iftkhar Malik,Seeking way out of crises,Dawn Oct.4,1999)

15." No citizen otherwise qualified for appointment in the services of Pakistan shall be discriminated against in respect of any such appoitment on the ground only of race,religion,caste,sex,residence....."

                                      ( 1973 Constitution Article 27 )

16." Uptill the policies against Sindhis are not changed,no any sort of benefit is possible for which explanation about the recruitment policies in State Bank of Pakistan or in other organizations for the Rural Backward Educated people studied in less developed educational institutions in Sindh has been given above."

        (Kazi Fazulul Haque,Sindh and Pakistan's Administrative system,P-211).



Kazi Fazul has described all details about injustice done to him during his service period in the August National Institution National Bank of Pakistan and even after his retirement in case of his Pension fixed very wrongly at lower level   even his appeals are being avoided to be settled down in his benefit according to the right process,rules and procedure of fixation of the Pension.




Kazi Fazul has also described in details in his above mentioned book about the injustice done to DR Ali Akbar Dhakan in the appointment as the Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan being the senior most Executive Director and highly qualified officer in the whole State Bank of Pakistan.




It is very with great appreciatin and enthusiastic admiration suggested and recommended that Kazi Fazul's three books i.e.,(1) SINDH AND SINDHIS ,(2) SINDH AND PAKISTAN'S ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM written in Sindhi and the recently published book in English (3) INCENSE AND ECHOES must be purchased and read also by every Pakistani particularly Sindhis for need of knowledge and actual facts and figures to be to improve our dishonest and unjust system in order to make OUR PAKISTAN strong,sovereign,peaceful and praiseworthy in the committee of Nations.



Kazi Fazul Compiled and published this book in July 2018.It contains 36 Articles written by him on various important hot topics in the present days Affairs and Atmosphere.They are about Jinnah,Bhutto,Democracy,Dollar Diplpomacy,Unity,Indus,Kot Diji Fort,Hur movement,Baloch,Frontier,Kabul,Sword of Hire,Large Dames,Economic planning,Capital formation,Investment,GNP,Intellectuals,Agony and Ecstacy,Quest for Truth,Abstract Art,New breed,Ayaz,Medical Sciences,Fiction etc.

Kazi sb in his introduction has covered a vast subjects of topics including corruption in society,colonial bent of mind,inequality of security,freedom of though etc.He introduced Incense and Echoes as anthology of writings that cover a wide spectrum of subjects dealing with men and matters.He further writes that in the absence of effective accountability,the abuse of discretionary power has cause of staggering and rampant corruption.He sagaciously has pointed out Rafi Raza's views "Truth must be told whatever the consequences for the stable order of societies.Falsehoods degenerate the society."Indeed the major tragedy in Pakistan is that truth is neither told nor written,as a result we have learnt little or nothing about ourselves.

                                                 (Rafi Raza Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Pakistan,P-xv.)


He was married on 24th January 1974 and enjoying very happy and prosperous life by grace of God Almighty.He has masha Allah two charming and well fortunate sons having good positions in their jobs living a happy life with him at his residence.


When I joined State Bank of Pakistan on 16th April 1975 dealing with Agricultural Credit Department,I used to visit Mr Kaleemi the concerned officer of the National Bank of Pakistan dealing with the Agricultural Credit.There I met Mr Kazi Fazul who introduced me himself and vie versa.Then our relations developed independently.I found then Mr Kazi very active and competent man to deal with his official work and discuss affairs with his concerned superiors.He used to talk in English with them and they got impressed and some times envied with his dealings or presentation of the matters.I remained usually in his company but sometimes he got postings outside the Head Quarters of the NBP and we did meet occasionally.Then he got foreign postings and we remained out of sight and did not know about each others.After a long time we met when both of us retired from the service.He was generous to invite for taking lunches in Creek Club etc and some times at his residence.We still meet and take meals together.Ours is a company of usually five friends like Manzoor Kureshi,Sikandar Shah Bukhari,Lal Bakhsh Jiskani of Hyderabad myself and Mr Kazi Fazul.On                              he attended my invitation for dinner alongwith other friends and visited my Taj Mahal Library recently established by me on second floor of my House.Kazi Fazul very kindly recorded his kind words about my Library as follows:

"                                                                                                                                        Secondly when first I had joined Sindh Government in Planning Department as Assistant Chief in April 1975,I had met there Kazi Sirajul Haq there who was also already posted there as Assitant Chief Planning and Development.Our relations continued till his death when he was posted as Senior officer in Sindh Coal Authority under the Chairman Coal Authority Sain Abdul Majeed Kazi(Senator) in PIDC Building.Once I went there for some work where Kazi Siraj met me and we exchanged our welfare accounts there but he had complained about his some disposition and after some months I heard about his sudden death.

Thirdly I also had relations with Kazi Mazharul Haq,the third brother of Kazi Fazul in Islamabad in 1990 when I was Managing Director Small Business Finance Corporation appoited by Marhoom Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi the Interim Prime Minister of Pakistan.Kazi Mazhar was very sharp and learned man,he used to advise to do more reading various types of books,magazines and other journals both local and international.He also died untimely due to some fateful incidences.May God bestow their souls the place in the paradise and Janatul Firdous.




On second September 2018,we some friends according to our fixed scedule i.e.,Mr manzoor Hussain Kureshi,Sinkandar Shah Bukhari and I visited Kazi Fazul ul Haq at his residence Blessings at Defence Society Karachi which is our regular feature of vising each others at residences on usually Sundays or some holidays to pay our regards and blessings and exchange and discuss some day today matters just for gathering more knowledge and feeling pleasures.At about 1 pm,we came to some nearby restaurant to have lunch in the Defence Housing Society.During our discussion on various topics,I asked Kazi Fazul about Marhoom Kazi Muhammad Hashim of Moro,the former District REcenue Officer Dadu,Sain Fazul told that he was his Maternal Uncle who used to be very close with him and he helped him for eyes Operation in Karachi for which he used to show his more affection and blessings for him.Hearing this about his close relationship with Kazi Muhammad Hashim,I wanted to tell him and my other friends sitting together about his gracious,kind,merciful and humanitarian sympathy shown to me in 1959 when I had passed Matric having not in a postion to continue further high education so sitting jobless being married and having little children in my small village Panhwar taluka Warah District Larkana then.Kazi Muhammad Hashim was Dafterdar now (Additional Deputy Commissioner) in larkana's Deputy Commissioner Office.Kazi Muhammad Hashim was widely and publicly very famous as an Honest,God fearing and very much devoted to Allah (God) in the whole Revenue Deparment of Sindh/Pakistan.Then on the advice of my some sympathizer of my village namely Marhoom wa Maghfoor (God bless him) Mr Ghulam Qadir Patoojo,the then Supervising Tapedar who was also famous for his honesty and integrity those days,who very sincerely praised about the honesty and dedication to God of the then Dafterdar Kazi Muhammad Hashim  and suggesting me that I should write to him a letter alongwith my application for the vacant post in the office of Mukhtiar kar Miro khan Taluka/tehsil requesting him to appoint me there in the name of God(For sake of God).I wrote a letter to Kazi Muhammad Hashim in English requested him as advised me by my sympathizer.I registered post my envelope on 2nd February, 1959 and received the offer letter of the post of Clerk at Rs 80 per month in Mukhtiar kar office Miro khan on 11th February 1959 meaning after a week's time. So I rushed to join my assignment on 13th February 1959 on Friday at about 11 am as it was about 50 kms away from my village via Larkana city when there was neither a paka road nor new or normal buses or other veicles as today.

In 2010,when I went to Kandiaro,I stopped at the Moro Bus Stand on the National High Way Roadand making inquiries,I visited the grave of Kazi Muhammad Hashim(Marhoom wa maghfoor) God bless hi soul,in the Moro Grave Yard near the main National High Way Road and offered Quls and recited some verses from Quran shareef and prayed to God for the salvation of his noble Soul enjoying the plce in Paradise and Janatul Firdous.

Kazi Faul ul Haq and other my friends surprized to hear my spirit of regards and reverences for the soul of Marhoom Kazi Muhammad Hashim of Moro,the Maternal uncle of my learned friend Kazi Fazu ul Haq.God Bless Him and his family.  








Good Wishes