On 11-10-2018 at 5pm,taking the benefit of the occasion of launching ceremony of my book Shah jo Risalo translated in English,I suggested the Government of SINDH some Sounds of my heart for consideration in the national interest:
1.All the rulers of Sindh are admonished to please for sake of God,give their full attention towards the economic development of whole Sindh including Karachi and utilize all the allocated funds in the budgets for all the developmental projects honestly and appropriately.

2.Education may be given to all universally and not divided into classes i.e.,separate for the rich privileged class of people and different for poors.It means all Government and Private Schools and Colleges should vigilantly adopt the same Course of subjects.For each class similar subjects may be prescribed with possibly short courses.

3.Education up to Primary level may essentially be given in mother tongue of the students.

4.The burden of books for little boys and girls may be reduced.

5.To control the copy system,Examination pattern may be changed on mostly MCQS basis.

6.For the highly educated and qualified Retired officers,a separate Institution may be established by the provincial and the Federal Governments to make use of their wisdom of experience in order to find solution of day today problems in every walk or field of life.

7.For the literary people Poets and writers who write books on any subject in poetry or prose,an Institution may be established to get their books printed and published.

8.Till an Institution for them is established,who get published their books for them the expenditure made by them on the publication og books may be paid them on priority basis.

9.For the employment or recruitment of jobless educated people,an Institution may be established to check all the Government and non-Government Corporations,Banks or Companies as to whether they recruit or employ the people of Sindh or they are dealt with properly in their seniority and annual confidential reports in accordance with the provincial Quota basis or policies.

10.The established Institutions in Sindh like (1) Sindh Language Authority (2) Sindh Literacy Board (3) Sindh Endowment Fund (4) Sindh Culture Department (5) Latif Chairs and renowned persons Chairs etc.,should not publish very costly books or documentary material and other greater voluminous books costing more than Rs one thousand.They should publish books or documentary material on cheap prices in great quantity so that people can purchase them easily and in greater quantities.

11.The Sindh Education Department,Sindh Language Authority ,Sindhology and all Universities in Sindh should launch programmes to save the Sindhi Language particularly in big towns and cities through out the Sindh province.For this purpose,all Schools and Colleges should appoint Sindhi speaking B.A. or M.A. in Sindhi passed and Sindh domiciled Teachers to teach Sindhi subject to all students of Sindh properly properly with an appropriate pronunciation of typical additional letters of Sindhi Alphabate and some training sessions and classes may be started to teach Sindhi language in towns and cities in Sindh.

12.Parents of Sindh in their houses, should teach their children Sindhi properly with proper pronunciation and usage of some typical words or letters of Sindhi language which are not being taught in other languages like, , , , , ,etc.etc

Good Wishes